What happens when you take a sassy alternative New York City sound, mix in some of London’s edgy rock vibes and add just a dash of Nashville charm? Your end result would be the raw and earthy music of rising alternative/pop artist Salina Solomon. A world-traveler with a growing international following, she brings to the stage her energetic and quirky personality while also showcasing her rich vocals and vibrant style. Digital Journal has named her  ‘Top 5 Female Artists To Watch in 2017’. So on the heels of her recent multi-city tour, she now readies once again to introduce her unforgettable style to audiences across the country with her 2017 “2020” tour coinciding with the release of her newest EP project “2020.”

      With an opera singer for a father and avid music lover for a mother, Salina’s passion and talent for music come as no surprise. Growing up in Long Island, N.Y., Salina began her musical career by studying the cello at the age of six. Her classical roots would later play a large influence in her rich tones and melodic songwriting styles. From a young age, she found herself creating her own song melodies and writing plays, before her parents further encouraged her songwriting dreams by purchasing her first guitar at age twelve.

      During her time attending SUNY Purchase College in New York and time spent in London, Salina Solomon broadened her style and songwriting experiences. Quickly following her transition to Nashville, Tenn., her music showcased on the internet radio station VRadio Nashville, where "Unacceptable" (from her debut EP TMI) charted at number one 14 weeks straight. Additional songs from the album to be featured in the station’s top 40 charts include "Somewhere" and "Tool." Following the release of her second EP, Meet Me in London, the album’s primary single, “What Do You Say?,” also charted at number one during its first week

       Currently taking the songwriting world by storm, over three thousand songs credit her personal catalog with over a thousand co-written songs from 2016 alone. Salina’s music contains themes pulled from her own life’s passions and experiences to highlight human vulnerabilities as well as explore the deepest regions of the heart. Following the success of her first two EP albums, her newest project, “2020,” is slated for a summer of 2017 release, much to fan anticipation. The EP album’s broad style spectrum strongly highlight Solomon’s range and varied influences. 

  • “Nightmare” – “’Nightmare’ is a game changer,” states MicroScene. “Compared to Salina’s other material, the new single isn’t guitar driven. It’s more Pop, than Rock, but catchy as hell.”
  • “New York” – A fun, Indie-style ballad, “New York” immerses the listener into the reality of the titular city. Taking you above the city streets to below, the song focuses on the ideology of life’s “clutter” while trying to discover one’s own voice.

       L&M Publications and South Shore Arts describes Solomon as someone who “Stands out as a unique talent among the masses of aspiring singer-songwriters. Her music is like a teenage girl, bouncing with open energy but sometimes slowing down enough to have deep and heavy thoughts, all about love and life”. Planet of Sounds Promotions states that her performances, “[Feel] like the 4th of July every time she plays. She has a voice to reckoned with and the songwriting skills that make a powerful combination!”  

      During her 2016 tour, she performed to multiple sold-out crowds with over a hundred shows across the country, ranging from the waterfronts of Texas to New York City's skyscrapers and even the stages of several infamous Nashville venues. A few of her iconic performances include Nashville’s Bluebird Café, Listening Room and Mercy Lounge along with New York’s Carnegie Hall, Leftfields NYC, and Pianos, to name a few. While promoting her music, Salina has made various media appearances including with WBR-TV, “The Tommy Star Show” D93 WDNS, RADIO AM, Hype Radio, and ABC’s “Nashville”

       Because of her writing and artistry, Salina has gone on to receive multiple nominations including "Songwriter of The Year," "Entertainer of The Year," "Female Vocalist of The Year" and three other nominations with the annual Nashville Universe Awards. She has consistently charted on the top 40 of VRadio Nashville with additional radio play in nations across the globe that include: Amsterdam, the United Kingdom and India. It is no surprise that both fans and industry professionals await to see what lies in store.